Local Listings

Is Your Business Listed?

Sun Technology Solutions provides listings on all major online directories including, Angie's List, Yelp, Superpages, YP, Google Business, Yahoo Local Business, Bing Maps, City Search, Local, GoLocal among others.  With more people now turning to the Internet to search for products and services, businesses that ignore local listings are losing out on potential customers and revenue.

As a professional marketing company, it is our responsibility to make sure that our customers are found online and one of the best ways to be found is through local listings.

By using local listing services, you can increase traffic and sales as well as increasing your brand online and within your local area. The benefits of being found through the use of Google maps is the amount of potential sales that can be made through high visibility. It is not just an increase of sales online that you will experience; business owners who are listed through local listings will also see an increase in the number of footfalls to their business.

With our professional marketing team, we will make sure your online brand is increased. We will get you listed in all the right places to help you achieve your goal of increasing traffic and sales.

If you would like to achieve success online and would like to learn more about our local listing service then please contact us today at 305-422-1442